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5 Best Places to buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya

Gold is one of the most coveted metals in the Indian sub-continent. From weddings to anniversary to birthdays, Indians have been buying and stacking gold for centuries. Gold is considered a symbol of prosperity, purity as well as stability in the Indian culture.

Akshaya Tritiya, a holy day for Hindus and Jains, is believed to bring good luck and success. It is considered to be an auspicious day to bring home gold.

Out of the several avenues available for buying gold, some of the most popular ones in India are listed here.

  1. Tanishq: Tanishq is an Indian-based jewellery manufacturing company. A subsidiary of the Tata Sons group, Tanishq was set up under the Titan brand as an edgy and contemporary jewellery brand. The company’s unique style and product range has contributed to its appeal across the country.
  2. Kalyan Jewellers: Kalyan Jewellers offers a scheme to purchase gold through advanced payments. Customers can buy gold by paying advance installments ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.40,000 depending on the ornament selected. The scheme offers better rates and discounts to customers.
  3. Malabar Gold: One of the most popular and sought after jewellers in the country is Malabar Gold & Diamonds. A flagship company of the Malabar Group of Companies, Malabar Gold & Diamonds is one of the foremost and trusted jewellery brands in the country which offers customers a variety of choices and designs. Boasting of over 150 showrooms throughout the country, GCC and Singapore, Malabar Gold & Diamonds is known for providing customers with the best in jewellery in terms of designs and quality.
  4. PNG jewellers: PNG Jewellers is one of the most trusted jewellery company in the country known for their quality and purity. It offers three different schemes for customers to invest in and purchase gold at a later date. For consumers who require gold in the future or who desire an ornament that seems out of reach, these plans help you plan systematically by investing small amounts over the tenure of the scheme. Customers are entitled to discounts and other benefits.
  5. SBI Gold Schemes: State Bank of India has a number of schemes related to gold investments, purchase and loans. Off-course you can not buy designers Jewelleries from SBI but Customers have the opportunity to buy gold coins from authorised SBI branches. Investors can also make investments in Sovereign Gold Bonds and Gold Mutual Fund schemes that have systematic transfer plans and systematic investment plan options. In times of financial need, customers can pledge gold as security to avail a personal loan.

Lately, a lot of websites have come up which offer gold jewelry as well as coins for customers to buy. These transactions are made exactly like standard online transactions where purchased products are delivered at your doorstep. Some examples of such websites are, etc.

People should also keep in mind there are various unauthorized online portals that hoodwink customers and sell mixed Gold in the name of Gold.

P.S: As it is wisely said “As pure as GOLD” so better visit renowned Stores and  Avoid Local vendors or any random online portals.


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