Camouflage is vital for their Survival

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This world is a colorful place to live in and when it comes to the act of nature, mimicry is everywhere. As Darwin said,”Survival of the fittest”, nature selects for successful traits: Insects are less likely to be eaten that can blend in with their environments so that they are able to pass on their genes-and their natural disguises-to future generations. Camouflage is an aid for their survival.

Many change there colour and camouflage or have evolved with time in a manner that blends with the environment. When most people think of colour change, they think of octopuses or chameleons – but the ability to rapidly change colour is surprisingly widespread. Lions use camouflage to blend in with the savanna. Frogs use mimicry to match their green environment.

This lizard is a beauty in itself, it has it’s skin similar to the rocks it lives. This makes them unnoticeable and they do not become a prey easily.

Insects disguise themselves in amazing and elaborate ways to avoid being eaten. See how this Caterpillar has rolled itself and is acting like it is a pea.


Distinguish the colour of  a pea and a caterpillar, similarly do it for lizard and stone. You wont find much differences as they are almost of the same chroma. This is the beauty of nature.  Watch this video below and see this caterpillar rock and roll with a Pea.


See this video:




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