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Can you Earn Money playing a Mobile Application? Google Play BrainBaazi App Winner gets 50k

Yes there are certain mobile applications or apps that let you earn moneyBrainBaazi is a app that lets people win cash prizes answering some quiz questions. Recently they announced a cash prize of Rs. 50k.

What exactly is Brainbaazi App? Are the Prize money real?  Can a person really win cash prize of Rs. 50k?

Well yes, if your GK is strong enough and if you could get all the questions right. It is a live trivia game show app with cash prizes that gets transferred to you in a digital wallet. People Play live every day and win prizes along the way. The games are hosted by one of their acclaimed hosts. You can definitely earn cash prize or say real money by answering questions correctly.

The prize money is  real and you can cash out instantly to your Paytm or MobiKwik wallet. All you require is a mobile number because your phone number is an identifier of your account. It is needed to keep your account safe

Their are lives that you can use to survive any answer you do not know. You can ear live by referring this app to  your friends. When your friend signs up using your referral code, you get an extra life. This extra life helps you stay in the game even if you answer a question incorrectly. You can only use one life per game.

This game gives you live information about of how many people are presently logged in the app and playing the game. The App answers question and even tell you how many of them got it correct.

In case you had trouble with your cash out when you win, you are free to contact with your username and they will get back to you.

There are options for you to report any other issue not listed  by Contacting and they are more than happy to resolve your issues.

Enjoy your Quiz and fill your Paytm or MobiKwik wallets.

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