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Check out 5 pocket friendly restaurants that serves the best in Shimla

You hardly find pocket friendly restaurants in hill stations. There are limited supply of goods as u start going up the sea level. You turn up paying lots still unable to find satisfying food up there. Giving up you start eating cup-a-noodles or maggi to cool down your cravings. Google Virals have filtered 5 pocket friendly restaurants in Shimla for your help and in return would only ask you to like our facebook page: You can find us on Facebook

What are vacations about? is it only about the landmarks of the places you visit and posting pictures on social networking sites? We do not understand how a travel can be successful until it includes good meal. Yes, you must be thinking how to know where to eat and what to eat in an unknown place. So Google Virals is here for your aid, We cover various places all over the world and help you exactly where to go when you visit an unknown destination and a choice that would never go wrong for you.

So, you are on this page because you are in Shimla right now, or may be planning to visit soon. Congratulations on finding a “Good Samaritan” out of million of options to consider. Share our page with others to lure them with what you got here.

Shimla is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Here are the list of  restaurants you can go about and order as per your choice. Googlevirals also shares those dishes that are most popular in the restaurant that can help you decide in confusion.


1.Place: Cafe Sol(The mall, Shimla)                                     Food:Quesadilla

Cafe Sol, The Mall, Shimla

Cafe Sol is a great place with fantastic view, its a part of Combermere hotel. Its mostly famous for its amazing spread of food. To get Mexican and Italian in Himachal feels mind blowing.Pasta, Quesadilla, Lasagne here are a must try.


A Quesadilla is a tortilla, usually a tortilla corn or flour, which is filled with cheese and then grilled. Other items, such as a savoury mixture of spices or vegetables, are often added, then they are cooked on a griddle.


2. Place: Honey Hut (The Mall Shimla)                      Food:Italian espresso +sandwich 

Honey Hut Cafe, The Mall Shimla,


In Shimla if you want to have like the best tea and coffee on the mall road, this is the place for you.
As the name suggests, it comes with honey which is given to you separately with every cup, Completely natural beverage without any sugar. Every dishes here has primary ingredient as honey which you can ask not to use in case you are not interested.  Refreshments and snacks here are fresh and straight out of the oven. Overall, great place to relax on the mall.

Italian quality espresso with honey

 3. Place: Himachal Rasoi                                            Food: Sidu/Babroo

Himchal Rasoi , 54, Middle Bazzar, Shimla

With so many international cuisine options in Shimla, It is hard to find  traditional Himachal food very easily. But, Google Virals had Himachal Rasoi, stored for you, the owner told us about his vision before opening this restaurant. It was about offering the local recipes for us to enjoy. Its is an authentic low ceiling loft space where they make you sit on floor level. Order Sidu Or Babroo, their traditional food. You also get various Talli’s as option too.


Sidu “Himachali dish” is one of the most loved dishes in Himachal mostly in Mandi, Kullu, Manali, Rohru and Shimla. It is just a kind of bread made from wheat flour with fillings. Normally, it is eaten or served with Desi Ghee “Clarified Butter”, Dal (Mainly Lentil Broth) or with Green Chutney (made from mint ‘Pudina’).


Babroo is like a Himachali variation of the popular kachoris. It is made by stuffing soaked and ground black gram daal paste to kneaded dough patties. These patties are then rolled and deep fried and served with tamarind chutney.

The prices are very kind on the pocket too. Do not trust the google maps, it not easy to get there with the roads they show. Just ask a local who will tell you exactly where it is.

4. Place: Nathuram Lachmann Dass                                Food: Doodh Jalebi

Nathuram Lachmann Das

At the end of the lower bazaar at the mall road is this mithai wala (sweet shop). They have this huge metal kadai where they boil milk, you can find lots of Jalebis being fried along it’s side. They start in the morning with almost 55 kgs of milk and mostly run out by 4-5 pm. In tall glass with hot milk they put some khurchan (layer of milk that thickens on top and sides of the utensil that they are boiling in) and they serve it with Jalebis. Not over sweet, they know just the right amount.  If you order something salty like samosas they serve you with finger-licking chutney(Indian sauce). The Doodh jalebi is best when eaten fresh which you can get when you drop there around breakfast. You can even call them to check what time they are making their next batch of Jalebi’s before making the 15 minute walk.

5. Place: Sagar Ratna                                                         Food: Uttappam

This restaurant can be a life saviour for vegetarian people visiting Shimla. Sagar Ratna has many chains all over India. South Indian food  here are soul touching, lip smacking and phenomenal. If you are really hungry after the Church Hill walk you should get down here relax and fill you tummy with Uttappams which they serve with lots of veggitables and onion on top. Crispy Dosas are tasty but very thin that might not fill you up so add on fresh Idli Wadas which they serve you with variety of chutneys. If you are a coffee addict order filter coffee which they also serve here.


Happy Vacations,  EAT GOOD and Do not forget to like our Facebook Page:

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