A mother of a four-year-old girl saved her daughter from being abducted by two men on bike from the front of her house. Her quick action led to saving her daughter from the kidnappers in Shakarpur’s Sunder block, Delhi on Tuesday.

The girls was playing outside her house at around 4 pm in the evening, when two men approached her mother for water. As she went inside one of the men caught hold of the girl and put her on the bike. The CCTV footage shows how the mother analysed the situation in seconds and showed courage to snatch her Daughter back. The bikers flee but a neighbor ran shirtless to catch hold of him.

A second CCTV footage shows how two neighbors volunteered to stop the bikers with their insight by one of them placing his scooter in the middle of the lane to block the passage for the bike. The bike slipped as the other neighbor pushed him. The shirtless man tried to catch the other man on foot but the culprits ran away.

The bike was left behind was taken in custody, later police found out that the whole conspiracy was by the uncle of the child.

Officials said that the case would have remained a blind one had the police not got the bike, as the girl’s parents had no idea her uncle could be behind it.

“It is because of the courage and the presence of mind of the two neighbors that the kidnappers failed to abduct the child and had to leave the bike behind before fleeing the spot. The bike’s ownership helped us identify the prime suspect, who turned out to the child’s uncle, and unearth the entire kidnapping conspiracy,” the DCP said.


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