Why Celebrate Environment Day just Today?

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World Environment Day

It’s Fifth of June, the day we celebrate World Environment day and recall it’s importance for us. Like every other year governments and various boards of communities joint together conducting summits and organizing events to make people realize the benefits of clean environment. We are gifted with this planet Earth. Mother Earth loves us unconditionally, she has given us selflessly. What did we given her in return? A day in our calendar?

As declared by the UN General Assembly in 1972, World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year.  It was established to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. United Nations designed World Environment Day as the main tool to create worldwide awareness about hot environment issues.

Our earth is getting sick day by day. Pollution, global warming, Soil erosion, glacier retreat are petrifying, they are making this beautiful place hard to live in. Celebrations, Seminars, Conferences are good at it’s place but a day event will never change the scenario.

Main objectives of United Nations behind declaration of World Environment day was to give a human face to environmental issues, empower to become agents of sustainable and equitable development, promote to change attitude towards the environment and advocate partnership between each human being and each society to ensure a safe future. A unified body like such can only motivate us to about bring change but the change should come from within and from each individual.

Has cleaning ever been a one Day process? Every morning you get up and u want your house clean. The shelter where you live in gets cleaned everyday. This Earth is your shelter like the shelter of you mother’s arm protecting you from any circumstance outside. The Ozone layer protect us from the hazardous rays and gasses of the otter world, There are tress to give us fresh purified oxygen, rivers to drink water, plants that bear fruits for us. They never asked us to repay.

Think how we are individually contributing each day towards our environment. When was the last time we said a NO to Plastic bags? When was the last time we turned off our car engine in Traffic? When was the last time we used a Dustbin in Public? When was the last time we planted a Tree? When..?

Happy Environment Day.


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