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Agra is a major tourist destination because of its many splendid Mughal-era buildings, most notably the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the world. People from different parts of India and the world come here to see the magnificent building and when they come along with a good hotel they also want to know where they can find good and satisfying food without any disappointment. Below is the list of restaurants, i hope it helps!!

  1. Place:   Chokho Jeeman (<— click for directions)        Dish: Maharani Thali

Visit this place for real nice authentic Rajasthani/marwari food. The ambience inside will make you feel as if u r not in Agra but Rajasthan. Service & management are fast with reasonable price and delicious food.   They offer different types of thalis with unlimited food. Guys even if you are a non vegetarian you will be bowled over by the quality of vegitarian plate that they offer. It make maharani thali only on  weekends. If you are in Agra and you want to have unlimited good food then this is place for you, although it is in Raja Ki Mandi and takes time to get there but it is worth the effort.

2.Place: Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavana (<— click for directions)        Dish:  Masala Dhosa

Want to have a tasty South Indian dish at reasonable price, you can definitely visit there. It is cheap, clean and air-conditioned restaurant with South Indian food. Order Masala Dhosa , it is crispy and Sambhar served with it is really tasty . Although the surrounding near this hotel is not good but the interior is fine and basic.

masala Dho

3.Place:   Joney’s Place (<— click for directions)        Dish: Stuffed potatoes and sauce.

This has to be the tiniest restaurant and kitchen in Agra, but seriously the food that comes out is amazing. It is cheap, comfortable, feels homely and intimate. The value of the food is excellent! if u want to fill you tummy with a quick meal before visiting Taj Mahal you should come here.

4.Place: Pind Balluchi  (<— click for directions)        Dish: Pind Chhole- Lassi- Paratha

Pind Baluchi has many chains all over India, but this branch gives you great hospitality, polite service with  Great food which is deliverd fast. Pind Baluchi has really amazing décor inside depicting culture of Punjab with “Dhols, nagaras, pagris.” The entrance will give you glimpse of village which is very beautiful, Who ever comes will definitely click a selfie with the entrance. So make sure you don’t miss it!!


5.Place:  Thaaliwala  (<— click for directions)        Dish: Thali

It’s a pure veg restaurant having comfortable sitting. Located at Fatehabad road  serves some amazing lip smacking food at nominal rates. It is not at all very costly and the service is fast. Various type of Thalis they have on the menu. You can go with what ever choice of vegetables you like. Tell the waiter how much Spicy you want because they generally serve spicy food.


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