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Food in Lucknow has its identity. The place has given this country kormas, kaliya, nahari-kulchas, zarda, sheermal, roomali rotis, warqi parathas and above all kebabs–of different types. Not only the ingredients used to cook them, but also the expert tutelage handed over from generation to generation makes Lucknawi food worth savoring. So let’s start the tour:

  1. Place: Dastarkhwan   (<— click for directions)        Dish: Galawati kebabs and Parathas 

One of the best places to eat Kebabs  and parathas. The  taste is amazing. The mouth watering kebabs will leave you with a craving for “dil maange more”. Just order galawati kebabs, they are heavenly!! The food was delivered promptly. The original joint is next to Tulsi Cinema in Hazratganj, later they opened in Gomti nagar. I would recommend  everyone to go visit there if u r in Lucknow. It is not a fancy place but just the place you want to go and satify your cravings for food. Click above for directions.


2. Place: Chulha Handi  (<— click for directions)        Dish:  Handi Chicken 

As the name suggests, the chicken here is cooked in an earthen pot (over coal in a one-meter-deep hole). The original Kalika Hut is in Azamgarh, but Lucknow’s Chulha Handi serve the same taste, with a lovely aroma. Its combination with Lucknow’s best shreemals is just mind-blowing.

3. Place:  Moti Mahal               (<— click for directions)        Dish:  Makhan Malai

Apart from the Awadhi cuisine the city also boasts of its desserts. Makhan Malai served here is one such dessert. Makhan Malai is a flavourful winter sweet sold here. It is an airy and fluffy dish with a creamy texture. It is served with a sprinkle of khoya and dry fruits and decorated with edible silver foil. The street is full of vendors selling this sweet, the best one is the server hear.

4. PLACE: Shamim Kababi   (<— click for directions)        Dish:  Shammi kabab

Shami Kabab can be spotted at all places in Lucknow from street vendors to high-end restaurants. Shamim Kababi makes the Best among all. To make this delicacy at home start with the preparation of a mixture comprising of minced meat, ground chickpeas and spices. Usually, an egg is added to the mixture for binding i.e., to hold the mixture together. A small patty is formed of this mixture which is then pan-fried and served hot with mint-coriander chutney. In a vegetarian version of the kebab replace meat with paneer or potatoes. Have fun!!

5. Place: Prakash Kulfi (<— click for directions)        Dish:  Malai kesar kulfi 

Kulfi with faluda, One of the best kulfi in Lucknow. Kulfi of this place has commendable taste and delicious. You can have half or full, half will sufficient for one person. This authentic taste stays with you for a while. Must try once, situated in Aminabad market.

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