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Bengalis are passionate about their traditional cuisine. They spare no labor in the kitchen to ensure the dishes are relished by one and all. If you are in Kolkata  you must definitely try these dishes. Google viral Show you where and what to order.

1. Place: Sholoana Bangali (<— click for directions)        Dish: Bangali Thali

Bengal is a dreamy place. Bengali’s are food lovers.  In such dreamy place cuisine is of the utmost importance. On the surface, Bengali food is very stereotypically bhaat-dal-maach (rice, lentils and fish curry). However, don’t be fooled by this seeming brevity. The concept of this cuisine is bigger on the inside.To start the journey along a Bong thala, one must begin at the beginning. Melted brown ghee (preferably Jhorna Ghee) with basmati rice is often considered to be the best way to begin a Bengali meal. This is often followed by a bitter-sweet curry made with mustard and ground poppy seeds, known as “shukto”. This can then be followed by several different kinds of dishes, both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian, depending upon what one would like to eat. A combination that is often favoured amongst many Bongs is that of aloo bhaja (fried potato) and dal. This delectable dish soothes the palate and paves the way for heavier, meaty dishes.

2. Place6 ballygunge Place  (<— click for directions)        Dish: Starters: Ilish Macher Tikka/ Hilsa cuttlet

                                                                                                                      Main Course: Kasha Mangsho-Loochi                                                                                                                                                Desert: Chhanar malpoa/Mishti Dohi

6 ballygunge Place is a very popular Restuarent in kolkata known for its typical and authentic bengali food. It is housed in an exclusive Rai Bahadur Bunglow, 100 years old and retained the Old World Charm in architecture and minimalist decor. The ambience and decor is perfect. Its is a very big and lavish restaurant, perfect for large group dining. Authentic Bengali cuisine’s preparations are just the  traditional way. The quality and price of each dish is superb and the service is too good. Visit the place and savor the authentic Bengali Cuisine at its best.


3. PlaceTandoor House (<— click for directions)    Dish: Sizzlers/ Chicken Tandoor/ Handi Biryani,

Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala and Thumbs Up

It is a small restaurant which serves awesome delicious finger-licking foods. It is indeed ideal for students with small budgets. Even at low cost there is no compromise with the quality,quantity and service in this restaurant…Their sizzlers is just amazing!!!..The chicken tandoori was marinated in the right amount of spices before they are cooked; it’s just awesome for starters. Handi Biryani and Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala are cooked very well and mouth watery. So to sum up  would like to say it’s a place where we can visit more than once and the best part is the pocket pinch is almost nothing compared to the quality & quantity of the food.

4. Place:  Mocambo Restaurants (<— click for directions)    Dish: Chicken Pavlograd

It has good ambiance, non-vegetarians delicacies are  served the best here. The veggie dishes in the menu are very few . Chicken Pavlograd is a piece of culinary art, the way they put butter inside makes it a must ordered dish here. Devilled Crab, Chicken Chate Bleu and Irish Chateaubri and Beef steak are also a must try. Although, you have to wait a bit to get inside, but the food is absolutely worth the wait.

5.  Place: Smoke Shack (<— click for directions)    Dish: jumbo prawn yakitori

If you want to take somebody out for a date then this is the perfect place for you. Take a romantic dinner date under the sky with the opportunity to enjoy the cool natural breeze along with a beautiful view of blue colored swimming pool  situated at the 7th floor of park plaza hotel. You will love the vibe of this place. Ambiance is awesome and it’s definitely the best rooftop food joint in the city as far as decor is concerned. Quality of food is also good, although slightly overpriced.

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