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Google Doodle memorialized Virginia Woolf, celebrated her 136th Birthday

Who is Virginia Woolf?

Adeline Virginia Woolf was an English writer. She is considered a foremost modernist of 20th century. The novelists was born in 1882 London and died in 1941. Today Google has marked the 136th birthday of the great British modernist novelist Virginia Woolf, and celebrated portraying her in the latest Google Doodle.

Woolf was home schooled in the English classics and Victorian literature for much of her childhood. She began writing professionally in 1900, becoming a significant member of London’s literary society and the Bloomsbury Group, a collective of prominent contemporary intellectuals and artists.

Woolf suffered from mental illness for much of her life, and she took her own life by drowning in 1941 at the age of 59.

The writer is revered for her works Mrs Dalloway (1925), To The Lighthouse (1927), Orlando (1928) and A Room of One’s Own(1929) and is credited with popularising the stream-of-consciousness style of prose, giving the English novel a bold, new voice and pushing it beyond the tried-and-tested narrative structures of the Victorian era into fresh and experimental new territory.

Woolf’s lyrical writing thrived on the introspection of her characters, revealing the complex emotions underlying seemingly mundane events — how the ringing of the Big Ben evokes the passage of time in Mrs. Dalloway (1925) or a family’s visit to the coast hides deep-seated tensions in To the Lighthouse (1927)

Woolf is also remembered as a scion of the intellectual Bloomsbury Group, a loosely-convened artistic salon that also included her husband Leonard, an essayist and publisher, economist John Maynard Keynes, novelist EM Forster, critic Roger Fry and post-impressionist painter Vanessa Bell.

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