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Here is what Amitabh Bachchan blogged about Birthday boy Abhishek Bachchan

Actor Abhishek Bachchan and son of the legend Amitabh Bachchan turned 42 today and wishes have been pouring from fans in from various Social networking sites. B-towners are posting pictures with the birthday boy with special messages. Fans are posting creatives and picture collage for the Birthday Boy. Amitabh Bachchan took the efforts to make the day special for his son and re-tweeted all the messages from his fans on twitter. #HBDAbhishekBachchan is trending on Twitter since morning. The father informed about his son being out of country in his tweeter account.

Farah Khan shared a picture of herself  where she hugs Abhishek Bachchan. The ‘Happy New Year’ filmmaker also had a sweet yet funny message which read, “Our relationship in a picture; he pretends he hates me overprotecting and mothering him, while actually loving it!! Happy birthday to my favourite boy @juniorbachchan one of the finest actors I’ve worked with.. LOVVV UUU.”  Jackie Shroff also posted “To the coolest dude in town…  happy birthday Duds. Stay cool!” Preity Zinta tweeted “Here’s wishing one of my dearest friends a very happy birthday. May the year be filled with “tings” for you Z!!! Lots of love.”

Amitabh Bachchan informed through his blog that Abhishek Bachchan is in Australia ” …. and it just turned the 5th of February here in Mumbai, India .. and it had turned the 5th 5.30 hrs ago where Abhishek the birthday boy is – Australia !!” and  thanks technology that the love and wishes reaches the boy in spite of the distance.  Here is what a father wrote for his son in his blog on Tumblr.

“Wishes were exchanged and greetings and blessings were given .. the distance not withstanding .. distance has been reduced to the benefits of technology .. technology has been driven by an invention defeating the previous one in a matter of days and months .. it had not been such many moons ago .. it took a longer time for times to change .. now it shall take no longer .. obsolete and out of fashion happen a trifle more generously than before .. happily humans still take time .. physically of course .. temperamentally though it is beyond redemption ..

It is beyond thought that the one that sat in wonder by the steps of the house on location, two front fingers in his mouth, hair independent of any set fashion hanging loosely over his broad forehead, a warm jacket keeping the cold of the hills at bay .. watching his Father shoot for his profession, silently ..

Abhishek .. the enunciation process and prayer to the God’s .. even now has that same wonder and questioning nature .. is a lot more quieter than his younger sitting on Father’s lap days .. and taller .. but still the nature similarity !

May the blessings of a Father be his most desired .. for fulfilment and prosperity .. in a world that brings forth a challenge a minute .. ”



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