Hilarious ways people mend things in India – Don’t die laughing

  1. When did you Ever climb a camel to fix you ceiling fan?? Well these two have.. They have come all the way from the deserts of Rajasthan.

and they ain’t coming down until its done!!

2. This Man has some serious issues with his Landlord regarding  sharing of terrace. 

Landlord : Beta! you will need to pay extra if you hang your clothes.


3. The biggest JUGAARU of the Year Award goes to this Man.

Nature abhors a vacuum and this dog has proved it correct.

4. Painting walls with a style. Listen! i used to work in a circus before.

Who needs a ladder??


5.  What is your most prised  possession? For many it might be there motorbike, but definitely not more like these too.

“We can even manage it in the Garage, you can lay your handles on our pillow!”


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