People brutally kill Horse with Police watching in Haryana

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A horse was hanged to death by a group of men even as police watched and even helped the people in committing the brutal crime in Jind district of Haryana, India.

The group of men helped by two cops can be seen beating and tying the horse in the video which is  going viral on social media. People along with the policemen can be seen strangling the poor animal to death in Jind.

The horse can be seen fighting for breath in the video captured on mobile camera. It is all tied up by ropes and is being hit continuously with sticks. According to the people, the horse had gone mad and used to attack commuters. Villagers thought killing the animal was necessary.

WATCH Video Below:

There is a famous saying in Hindi movies: “Kanun ke haat lambe hote hain” which means law has long hands, that does not mean policemen can catch hold of big horses like such and torture it to death. Such injustice to animals should be condemned and serious action should be taken against those involved in the killing of the helpless animal.





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