Indian Children in Guinness World Record making largest Human lungs Image

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India has a Guinness World Record  in making the largest human image of an organ with over 5500+ children from over 35 different schools at Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi on December 23rd, 2017.

Lung Care Foundation took this initiative and organized this event. The objective was to take a  pledge for reducing the causes that affect our environment and  pollute the air we breathe. Spreading awareness among us they have created a history by successfully making the  largest human image of an organ with little children wearing red and blue dress.

largest lungs diagram

largest lungs diagramIt is indeed a Proud Moment for India where children volunteer themselves for such a great cause. Such activities not only enlighten us with the need of protecting our environment but also remind us about the most vital organ of our body “lungs” that needs clean air to Breathe.

This is Lung Care Foundation’s solution towards pollution with #MySolutionToPollution, what is your solution? Comment below.

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