Selfie From Space

Everyone knows what a selfie is, Right! Every person on earth with a camera phone loves taking one!!

I’d call it perfectly normal if you have a craze to click yourself and flaunt you background along. What about a selfie on SPACE? This is called stepping out of the box. Congratulations IRSO, you bagged this tag. Successfully clicking a selfie when it launched it’s PSLV carrying 104 satellites, the Indian satellite launch vehicle has set a world record.

Isn’t it wonderful? This is a proud moment for India. ISRO has been paving the way for space technology and slowly the world is sitting up and noticing its giant efforts in the space sector.

DRDO is another example who have been doing great work in the defence sector with its missile launches.DRDO in itself, is a fine instance of technological prowess, as the defence research organisation has managed to successfully test numerous missiles.

I wonder how PSLV could manage all the 140 Satellites? Well, these people out here can tell us better.


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