2nd Oct– If you have some really old junk, think twice before throwing them off ! This is an advise given by anyone who reads this article. What if they can get you fortune worth millions? Well, An Englishman had an old pair of glasses that was passed on to him by his uncle. They were Mahatma Gandhi’s golden-rimmed glasses which he gave away in South Africa nearly 100 years ago.

The owner dropped the glasses into a letter box of a local auctioneer, East Bristol Auctions, with a brief note saying: “These belonged to Gandhi, and my uncle was given them.” When asked if he knew it’s worth the owner impromptu stated that if it did not worth enough, it goes into the bin. But After hearing the estimated value he nearly fell off his chair. The estimated value was initially ₹3,21, 000 which sold out even higher making the man very rich.

With research conducted by the team of East Bristol Auctions in Hanham, they came quite surprised that a spectacles in an envelope hanging out through their letterbox a week ago may have such a rich history behind it.

Mahatma Gandhi was known to have handed over his personal items as gifts to admirers and a number of similar items have emerged on the auction circuit over the years.

The auctioneer estimated Mahatma Gandhi‘s gold plated rimmed glasses worth £15,000 (around R321, 000) and then it auctioned for 17 times more and was sold for £260,000 (about 288,000 euros, $340,000, ₹2,50,56,680) breaking all the earlier records for a UK auction house.

The English man in his ‘80s living near the city of Bristol, recalled the glasses being passed on to him by an uncle who worked for British Petroleum in South Africa sometime before World War Two. Mahatma Gandhi did not wear glasses in his late 1910s and early 20s so the auctioneers assumed that the glasses inside the envelope could possibly be Mahatma Gandhi’s earliest pairs during his time in South Africa.

With the iconic round-rimmed Windsor-style glasses, Mahatma Gandhi style became common during the period when he was studying law in England in the late 1900s. While initially he used them infrequently but the glasses became a regular feature and a symbol during the national movement and Gandhi’s civil disobedience protests in India.

Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary is celebrated on 2th October every years as Gandhi Jayanti. This year we commemorate 151st birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

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