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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare shares digital comic for kids to understand COVID-19

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) shares a digital comic for children on COVID-19 for a better understanding on the novel Corona Virus.

Often it is difficult to explain the kids such devastating scenarios and the effects they have in our lives. MoHFW has made it simple for the children with a digital comic that they shared on their website for the awareness of novel Corona Virus. The comic is titled “KIDS, VAAYU & CORONA”.

Vaayu is a superhero who is loved by children and this comic shows us every thing a superhero does. He is smart and is dressed in formals with a tie as if an government employee but with a big blue cape making him look like a superhero. He explains about novel Corona Virus, it’s symptoms and shares the data of casualties in effected countries. He fights the villain Corona-19 with his superpower and shares with the children on how they could fight too. Vaayu brings in hope and enlightens children specially when they are unable to comprehend the talks and are worried. Parents might be busy and they might not be able to resolve queries children have in their minds. Paresnts must share this comic with them. Comic Link is given below.

MoHFW shares the instructions on washing hands techniques and sanitizing in the comic. Vaayu explains what social distancing is all about, teaching them different greeting techniques like- Namaste, As-Salaam-Aliekum etc. which must be inculcated by every one in their daily habits not just kids.

Yes, This wonderful concept was initiated by the ministry which can get the right information to the children and stop spread of myths related to it and panic. Cartoon representation will keep the subject interesting and is simple to understand.

Kudos to MoHFW for such initiative. Digital Platforms is being used at it’s best.


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