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Love is all around and people have plans for Valentine’s Day celebrations. Thought one does not need a Valentine’s week to celebrate love and cherish their special bond but people celebrate it according to the schedule dates of the valentine week. How this calendar came into existence is a mystery. Some say it is marketing plan of the Gifts and chocolate company.  Be the Rose day and the following Valentine’s day, people have adapted a tradition of gifting Rose, chocolate, teddy,and goodies that goes for the week. Did anybody notice something important missing in the calendar of the valentine’s week?

Apparently people gifts each other, hug, kiss and propose but it is not a ritual or a norm that  has to be followed. Always remember love is unsubstantial. It can never be justified by the materialistic things in the world. Gifts  should not be made mandatory. How can love ever come attached with thing when it is a feeling beyond the world?

With time when relationships looses it’s spark, celebrating a week as such and expressing love for their loved ones can help a lot  but the problem comes when you start expecting from others. Are you waiting for others to make your day special? Why don’t you do it for your partner instead of waiting the other to take the first steps. Life is too short to keep feelings to ourselves so just say the three Magical Words “I Love You” and everything else that you wanted to say. Will it not be Great to have a Talk day? A day where you don’t need fancy things to staple along but just a talking session taking out time from your busy schedule. A day not just to say that you love but to talk about how much you love and to listen about what the other person has to say.

Careful!! This day might turn a blunder if you take out all the cats out of the bag.  Celebrate this week of love by expressing yourself not by flowers, gifts or any other thing but by speaking your heart out about your feelings.

Add this missing date to your Valantine’s week calendar and comment below if it worked well? Psychologist say talking thing out can solve problems and understand things better between people. This valentine session help yourself build a bond that gets stronger with time. What we want to convey is to celebrate love and  life beyond the boundaries of such worldly norms and start your journey to a selfless love rather than being selfish. This will sure bring back the magic in your life and you will feel lighter at heart.





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