Redmi Note 4 sells like Hot Cakes, Xiaomi leading smartphone brand in India.

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nternational Data Corporation (IDC) reports depict that Xiaomi becomes the smartphone manufacturing company with a maximum market share in the top 50 Indian cities in the Q3 2017. Redmi Note 4 is the highest in demand. Read specifications of Redmi Note 4. It is noteworthy that these top 50 Indian cities have accounted for 50 percent of overall smartphone sales in India in Q3 this year. Xiaomi has left Samsung far behind and has taken over as a a key player in the smartphone industry. Xiaomi has acquired around 26.5 per cent of the mobile phone market. While Samsung has moved to the second position with a market share slightly lesser than Xiaomi i.e. 24.1 per cent.
redmi note 4 is selling like hot cakes in INDIA

Redmi Note 4 is selling like hot cakes in INDIA

So the list goes like this After Xiaomi, comes Samsung, Lenovo + Motorola, Oppo, and Vivo. Micromax is somewhere lost and is not doing good in the market.  Well, compared to IDC’s previous report, both Xiaomi and Samsung have seen a good growth in its market share in Q3 2017.

 Xiaomi has managed to register a growth of 120 per cent in quarter 3 this year and out of which Redmi Note 4 alone garners around 40 per cent of the share. The IDC report further highlights, that the Redmi Note 4 is the highest selling smartphone across the top 50 cities in the country. It also notes that “Offline expansion through the company’s Preferred Partner programme and Mi Stores, which adds more to the Xiaomi market share growth.

Now coming to Samsung, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer has also seen 15 per cent growth in its market share in this quarter compared to the last. Even though it slips to the second position, Samsung as a brand continues to dominate in several cities thanks to its “deep penetration and reach.” Out of all the phones, Samsung Galaxy J2, Galaxy J7 Max, and Galaxy J7, Nxt grabbed the limelight as these phones made up 50 per cent of volumes of Samsung.

Then comes Lenovo (including Motorola) followed by Oppo and then Vivo in the list. Lenovo and Motorola together manage to garner the third spot with a 10.3 percent share and grew 8 percent from the previous quarter. Lenovo K6 Power, Moto E4 Plus, and Lenovo K6 Note become the top-selling smartphone of the companies.

Oppo acquires the fourth position in the list with a market share of 5.2 per cent. Oppo F3, F3 Plus, and A71 becomess the most-selling Oppo phones and have added to the growth. On the other hand, Vivo manages to accumulate around 5.1 per cent market share in Q3 — which is slightly lesser than last quarter. According to the IDC report Vivo has seen a marginal drop in sales from the last quarter and “reduced channel spends” is the reason behind the loss. But then, the IDC report states that the success of the Vivo V7+ and Vivo Y69 smartphones will bring back Vivo to the fourth position.

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