Why is Rs 30 trending in Twitter? Taxman wants AAP to explain

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Why is Rs 30 trending in Twitter? What do we get in Rs 30 these day? Digging out in depth about it’s mystery, it turns out to be about Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his party. Apparentlythe sum is not just Rs 30 but Rs. 30.67 crore. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been slapped with a notice of Rs 30.67 crore by the Income Tax Department. He had been away from limelight for long but now he and his party is back making headlines.

Tax notice was put today morning for an allegedly massive mismatch in donations it received to fight elections and what it documented. Delhi’s ruling party was told by the Income Tax department that it had been given 34 chances to explain allegations that it had concealed details of a chunk of its overseas donations.

Mr Kejriwal called it the “height of political vendetta”. Terming the tax notice a “vindictive action”, AAP declared it was “bogus” and served to target the party.

He tweeted: “In the history of India, ALL donations to a political party have been declared illegal. All these were accounted for and shown in books of accounts.”

The notice landed a day after the party marked with great fanfare the five-year anniversary of its evolution from an anti-corruption campaign to a political outfit.

Tax officials believe the party has not been able to account for around Rs. 13 crore it received from its overseas supporters before the 2015 Delhi election, which it won. The party has been asked by the I-T department to furnish a reply by December 7.

AAP is also accused of not disclosing to the Election Commission details of 461 donors who contributed over Rs. 6 crore to their campaign. Officials say their investigations show that Mr Kejriwal’s party did not put up on its website details of nearly Rs. 37 crore in donations. Also, in documents to the Election Commission, AAP did not declare close to Rs. 30 crore received from donors, officials allege.

Mr Kejriwal, 49, has alleged that the tax crackdown is part of the central government’s strategy to persecute AAP – – one of its fiercest critics – and discredit its anti-corruption mission. The I-T notices featured in Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s speech at the foundation day celebrations at Ramlila Maidan on Sunday when he said that the Center has been harassing even small donors of AAP.

 “The more AAP is attacked, the more stronger it will become,” said Bajpai who predicted that the current notice will not sustain in the court.

Earlier this year, the AAP was asked by taxmen to explain the alleged tampering of its account books and discrepancies in its report about donations received in 2014.

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