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Shahid Afridi is retiring again, a come back expected.

So, Here is the announcement that is labeled as the biggest Joke of the year!

This is what Afridi said after the Pakistan Super League match in Sharjah:

           ” Whatever international cricket I had to play I have played. I am not playing the league to stage a comeback to the Pakistan team. It’s goodbye. It’s a goodbye for me in international cricket and I have already said that, but I once again said that it’s the end of international cricket for me. I will continue to play league cricket for another two years and then concentrate on my foundation, which is important for me.”

Twitter users couldn’t stop laughing after this announcement and started trolling Afridi for announcing his retirement the fourth time. While talking about the possibilities of Shahid Afridi’s comeback they could not stop making Fun expecting a news about his comeback.


His fans must miss him and are upset about his goodbye, but they are not ready for a farewell, light of hope to return must be dwelling inside, as the 36 year-old Pakistani all rounder, Shahid Afridi, is good with giving surprises.  THIS TIME WE ARE PREPARED!

The Facebook Time line of Afridi must look like:


Afridi Updated in 1996: Debut

Afridi Updated in 2011: Retired

Afridi Updated in 2011: Came back

Afridi Updated in 2014: Retired AGAIN

Afridi Updated in 2014: Came Back Again

Afridi Updated in 2016: Retired AGAIN

Afridi Updated in 2016: Came Back AGAIN

Afridi Update in 2017: Retired AGAIN!


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