Top B-school- IIM Ahemdabad to take up Bahuballi-2 as a full time Case Study

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Baahuballi 2: The Conclusion was one of the highly anticipated films after the phenomenal success of its 2015 prequel ‘Baahuballi: The Beginning‘.  After breaking the record of every Indian film made in any language at the box office, this film gets an entry to one of the most prestigious education institute of India, IIM Ahemdabad. Although it had happened before that some big films were studied in the IIM, but for the last few years, this series had been closed.

Although Bahubali-2 will be the first such film, which will be taught as a full case study in IIM Ahmedabad. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion made Rs. 100 crore on opening day, raked in Rs. 300 crores in the first weekend and made headlines with Rs. 1,800 crore as its worldwide collections. The Management geeks will study on how a film not in our national language earns so much audience on the Indian box office. We all know that moves in Indian cinema  runs on the namesake of Bollywood superstar and heroins. But this theory did not apply on “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion” as it broke every record of the silver screens.

Students of Contemporary Film Industry – a business perspective, will learn the power of sequel and how a sequel can de-risk the movie as a marketing concept. IIMA posted in it’s news portal.

“I will be introducing Bahubali 2 as a case study in the new academic year and it will essentially focus on the power of a sequel and how a sequel can de-risk the movie as a marketing concept,” Professor Bharathan Kandaswamy told DNA.

“There is a research from Stanford university which says that a prequel is always considered better than the sequel but a sequel makes more money than a prequel. Sequels make more money because the producers become more marketing savvy based on the success of a prequel,” he told DNA.

Baahubali 2 topped Google India’s search trends and was also the top Twitter trend in 2017. On television, it also set a record as the most viewed Hindi film premiere. DNA also reported that IIM Ahmedabad was the first business school in Asia to introduce a comprehensive elective course on the movie industry and more than 700 students have opted for the course.

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