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Twist in Ryan International School murder case: Class XI student in CBI custody

The sensational case of Ryan International School in Gurugram, that questions the very base of education system in  India is taking a dramatic twist now. Almost two months after a bus conductor was arrested on allegations of sexual assault and murder of a seven-year-old student has now arrested a class 11 student of the same school with the accusation of murdering the child.

Court sent Class 11 student under three days CBI custody on wednesday. The agency said the Class XI boy allegedly committed the murder to get the scheduled exams and parent-teacher meeting postponed. The CBI has now cleared the school bus conductor,, who was earlier arrested as a suspect by the Gurugram police.

Delayed progress of  investigation guaranties lethargy and complete disdain for procedures on part of the investigation agencies. Similarly in Aarushi Talwar-Hemraj murder where the investigation started off with suspecting the Talwars’ domestic worker Hemraj and launched a manhunt only to be shocked the day next to find his body on the terrace of the same house. There seems to be a clear class bias in the manner in which the police go about their investigations. Considering  the past cases and the manner these investigations progress clearly reeks of inefficiency.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters on Wednesday, the lawyer of Pradyuman’s family demanded strict punishment for the Class XI boy. “We demand strict punishment for him, he should be tried as an adult and hanged,” the lawyer, Sushil Tekriwal, said.

Responsibility of Investigation agencies is to solve the case and the efforts should be made in the walk of justice rather than thoroughly building a case. Media pressure acts like a catalyst resulting in haste.  Agency try to shut media and show progress  in such high-profile cases. This only results in eroding the base of the case and the very idea of justice.

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