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What does your Dog want after bath?

What do Dogs Really want after they had their hard session of taking bath?

Read to understand exactly what a dog wants to say after a bathing session.

You must have noticed how pathetic your dog feels while taking bath. As you are very much concerned on cleanliness of your dog as well as your house you can’t stop yourself from bathing it.

One of the most common acts that Dogs do is they “shaking it off.” Most dogs are not fond of bath, they are stressed by the process.  You will see dogs shaking even when they are dry. They do it as if they are wet. Dogs who shake off much  are stressed and are trying to calm themselves through the behavior.

Best advice you will ever get for your Dog after Bath.

  1. Blow Dry your dog after he has taken Bath or use a towel to wipe him
  2. Comb your dog, he relaxed.
  3. Give your dog something to eat. See, Foods are stress busters not just for humans.

See, never mess with your dog after bath or else he will target your bed.

You can’t help it, it’s in their genes. Apart from messing with your bed they will love you multiple times more than you can give love. They become your best friend and they protect you from danger at any cost. You can always forgive your dog for small mistakes, after all it’s you pet and you are the only one who can take care of it.

Happy petting your Dog.

Share your experience of bathing your dog in the comment section below. If you have a story we shall publish here.


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